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Accessories & Mast

DM30 Mast Description

The Mammoth DM30 Mast has been designed and engineered with several improvements, providing a higher level of durability and ease to service.

Bit Breakout Pot Description

The Mammoth Bit Breakout Pot is used for the purpose of breaking the drill bit loose from the stabilizer or bottom sub. Our design allows for easy operation and removal of tricone and DTH drill bits.

Requirements from customer
  • Drill Manufacturer
  • Drill Model
  • Deck Opening
  • Drill Rod Diameter
  • Top Flange Dimensions
  • Deck Top Slot Dimensions
Tricone Bit Breakout Pot
DTH Bit Breakout Pot
The Mammoth Lifting Bail

The Lifting Bail or Lifting Cup is used to lift the drill rod, sub adaptors, and stabilizer when they are changed on the drill rig.

The Mammoth Male Lifting Bail
The Mammoth Female Lifting Bail
The Mammoth Side Handle Lifting Bail
The Mammoth Side Handle Lifting Bail

The Mammoth Side Handle Lifting Bail enables two people to comfortably move the Tricone from one place to another.

Price Excludes
  • Installation by Mammoth Technician
  • Spare Parts
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Freight and Insurance

Mammoth Accessories & Mast Benefits

Benefits of the Mammoth Breakout Pot
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Durability for the best performance
  • Produced to our outstanding quality control
  • Fully repairable

Mammoth Accessories & Mast Technical Specifications

DM30 Mast Technical Specifications

The Mammoth DM30 Mast is designed for multi-pass drilling, capable of holding a 30 ft (9.1m) drill pipe, a 2-rod carousel (optional 4-rod carousel), with a total depth capacity of 150 ft (45.7m). The DM30 Mast comes standard with a safety Rod Catcher.

Additional Extras:
2-Rod Carousel/4-Rod Carousel
DM30 Stemlock
DM30 Top Rod Support
DM30 Rod Guide
Technical Data
Drilling Method: Suitable Pipe Sizes: Estimated Weight:
Rotary or DTH – Multi Pass 4 ½” – 6 ¾” (114mm – 171mm) 7055 Lb (3200kg)
Length: Height: Width:
7 ft
2.16 in
41 ft
6.4 in
5 ft
3 in

Please enquire for other drill rig mast models available


All designs, specifications and components of the equipment described herein are subject to change at the manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.

OEM Machines
  • The Mammoth Bit Breakout Pot can be designed to fit any OEM machine application.
  • The Mammoth Bit Breakout Pot is not limited to the specified range to the right.
Common Sizes

DTH Bits
5” / 5½” / 6” / 6½” / 6¾” / 8” / 8½”

Tricone Bits
6¾” / 7⅞” / 9⅞” / 12¼”

DM25 DM30 DM45 DM50 DML DMM2
Tamrock – Drilltech
D25K D40K D45K D50K D55SP
D60K D75K D80K D90K 1190E
SK45 SK50 SK55
Gardner Denver
DG70 GDCL90 GD100 GD120 DD100 GD250XP
BE-35R 45R 47R 55R
49R 59R 60R
35HR 37HR C750
120 250 320

The Mammoth Bit Breakout Pot Can Be Manufactured To Customer Specifications.