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Breakout Bench

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Mammoth Breakout Bench

Product Description

Use the Mammoth Breakout Bench to easily break or loosen DTH hammers, chucks, back-heads, top subs and drill bits.

Price Excludes
  • Installation by Mammoth Technician
  • Spare Parts
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Freight and Insurance

Mammoth Breakout Bench Technical Specifications

Breakout Bench
Clamp Type: Clamp Force Combined: Torque:
Double Slide Clamp 432KN (44 Ton) Max @ 3000Psi 56 600N.m Max @ 3000Psi
Hydraulic Power Pack
Power: Hydraulic Pressure: Flow Rate: Tank:
380Vac 80,120 N.M | 59,09 FT/LB 10 L/min 40 L
Controls/Valve Bank
Valve Bank:
3- Spool Directional Control

*The hammer size of the breakout bench is 4” – 8”.